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In order to use the services of «AnnunciVeloci», both for publication and answering, you must be registered to the portal. Registration is free and can be stopped at any time.

To register, simply go to Mycrawler website and enter your details.

In the same way, by posting or responding to an ad, you will be automatically registered.

Maximum number of ads

«AnnunciVeloci» does not have a limit on the number of ads inserted within the portal.

Ads removed

«AnnunciVeloci» reserves the right to remove ads that are not considered appropriate as per its service policy: illegal content, harassing, defamatory and/or libelous, vulgar, obscene, damaging of another's privacy, racism, damaging minors or otherwise objectionable.

In the same way, ads offering advertisements for other Web sites in order to provide online services or ads that promise a quick gain of money (in particular pyramid systems, but even legal as the multi level marketing) will be removed.

Repeated Ads

«AnnunciVeloci» reserves the right to remove ads that repeat the same text on different geographic areas. In these cases it is recommended to insert only 1 ad, which contains multiple geographic locations. If the ad refers to the entire Italy, you can avoid specifying a geographic area.

URL contained in ads

Is no guarantee that the URL contained within ads are maintained at the time of publication.

Curriculum integration

Given the nature of the «AnnunciVeloci» bulletin board, the insertion of curriculum in replying to ads is not allowed

Job offers requiring advance payment

Job offers requiring advance payment are absolutely  prohibited. All job offers requiring advance payment will be removed from AnnunviVeloci. If you were asked for money report it to us for the prompt removal of the ad.

Profile editing

All users of AnnuciVeloci can edit the profile( name, password, preferences) loging in on

Within this portal you can enable several services, besides that of AnnunciVeloci.

Telephone Support

«AnnunciVeloci» does not provide any kind of telephone technical support for problems related to the site. The only technical support is provided via email.