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How it works


Welcome to AnnunciVeloci!
Here are some simple steps to follow to use AnnunciVeloci in the best way.



To publish an ad, firstly you must click on the Insert button, located on the right on the Homepage.

After these four simple steps, your ad will be online.

Suggestion: Remember to consult the suggestions to the right of the page.

1 category

Here you have to choose in which category your ad belongs between: job, car, properties for rent or sale and flea market by clicking on the corresponding category.


2 subcategory

The second step asks you to select a subcategory that best represents the object of your ad, to define it in a more specific manner.


3  data

At this phase you will need to enter a title and a description for the object of your ad. The title must be at least 20 characters, and the description at least 100. Please enter a minimum number of characters so the ads published on AnnunciVeloci will be always complete and of high quality.

Title (o more characters)

Ad description (0 more characters)

When the data you entered will respect the number of characters required, the indicator next to the text box will turn green and you will be able to continue the publication. Remember to select to which category your ad belongs from the drop-down menu Search/Offer!


4  Confirmation

At this point the process is almost finished. For some categories, you will be given the opportunity to add more detailed information, these data will be read by the search engines that will index your ad and allow you to better characterize the object, we suggest you pay a lot of attention to it.


You will be asked to enter a antispam code and, if you are not a registered user, your email address. On that address you will receive an email, which will ask you to confirm your, ad and a password that you will use to access your personal area, where you can manage and control your ads. With the same account you will have access to the most important Italian Network completely free for the world of work: MyCrawler. Discover its many features: You can set your profile up to five favorite works and receive by e-mail the new ads that best correspond to your requests or you can report your Curriculum and make it available for companies that are looking for staff. You can also choose to create and maintain a free personal website.

If you are a registred user, you will receive by email the confirmation of publication and the link that redirects to your ad. Please note that if you are already a user of MyCrawler, the logon credentials are the same and if you've forgotten your password, you can request it through the "recover password".



You can consult the ads placed on AnnunciVeloci through the search form located on the homepage and find out in seconds if there are ads that respond to your requests.

1.  Enter one or more keywords in this space 

2.  Select the type of ad you want to find: offer or searche?

3.  Finally select the category and subcategory in which to search, from the drop-down menu.

Once you made your search, please consult the results page to find ads that best meet your criteria.

If you want to reply to an ad click on Reply and you can directly contact the advertiser, that will receive your message by email.


Anytime, by logging to your private area, you can edit or remove the ads placed.